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Unique field in portal


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Hi folks,


We are a construction company that have seventy operatives and operate around a dozen jobs at any one time. I have created a Daily Orders job sheet that shows which operative is meant to be at which site. All is working fine, but to add icing to this particular cake, I would like the operative dropdown (which selects from the staff list) to contain a unique name each day (or each portal).


This would be so that no one operative can appear on more than one project on any given day.


Roughly the columns in the portal are:


Job ID Job Address Operative 1 Op2 3 4 5 6 7 8

(droplist) (filled from droplist droplist droplist etc....

from Jobs) job ID) from staff) from Ops from Ops


I can give more info if needed, please let me know relevant details.


Appreciate your help...



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