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Help with Creating a report for Hierarchial Categories


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Hello FileMaker Guru's.


I am working on a database for my company, it has a hierarchial categorization system for categorizing equipment we have in our inventory by it's function for computer access or educational needs.


(i.e. Computer Access > Mouse Input > Hardware)


I have the layout using portal's working great:




I set the relations up like this through ALOT of help on this forum! Like:




Now what I am trying to do and cannot get to work, is setup a list/report layout so that everything appears like this:


Computer Access

Mouse Input




Keyboard Input




Educational Software


Access to Print

OCR Programs

HandHeld Devices


and so on, on the layout I get the First Level Categories to display fine, than at best I can only get 1 item displayed under each child category. Can anyone help point me in the right direction in setting this up!


Thank you justin

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