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Filemaker to Excel – Field Properies


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When I export a Table with connected referenced fields from another table, the field properties in Excel are not "Standard" and show only ######### etc.


What could be the reason for this...?






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It is part of the design of Excel...although I don't know if it is intentional or not. Plus, I haven't totally figured out the reason. The excel help file references only being able to display 1024 characters...but I have cells do it without being over 400 characters... EDIT: Excel limits displaying characters to 255 character.


There are a couple of ways around it. Depending mainly on your skill level with excel and the nature of the field.


1. Change the cell's format to "General" instead of "Text". I believe it comes out of FM with the text format. Sometimes this is all you need to do (could make a macro to automate this task for you, if you do it alot). Cheers!


2. Insert a hard enter (Alt-Enter) every 80-100 characters.


3. Shorten the text in the field. If you can divide a field into smaller fields, you could go that way.

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