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Instant Web Publishing works on LAN not WAN


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Finally, I've got Instant Web Publishing partly working - I can access the filemaker IWP home page with Apple's Safari browser, choose an open database and then work with it. smiley-smile However, no-one can get access from outside of our Local Area Network. smiley-frown


I've got Filemaker Pro 7 (updated to 7.0v3 - I'll get 9.0 when I can afford it!) running on an Apple Xserve configured as a "Gateway" with two Network Interface Cards and therefore, two IP addresses. One of the IP addresses (192.168.7.xxx) connects with clients, printers and whatever in our LAN while the other (192.168.2.yyy) connects to an Experia Gigaset modem/router. The WAN side of the modem has a fixed, public IP address. The modem is configured as a "bridge". That's to say that incoming traffic is not blocked or filtered but automatically directed to the server at (192.168.2.yyy). There's firewall protection on the server (port 591 is open) and usually on the modem (if I'm not trying to get IWP working!)


I've got Filemaker Network Sharing turned on where both IP addresses (192.168.7.xxx & 192.168.2.yyy) are displayed in the Filemaker Network Settings window and Guest access is allowed.


Also, Instant Web Publishing is turned on where only one IP address is displayed, the one connected to the modem (192.168.2.yyy). Similarly, while testing, Guest access is allowed - this is also checked in the Define Accounts & Privileges window. In the "Advanced Options", I specified to use port 591 as my Apache web server serves a few web sites on the usual port 80.


According to Filemaker's documentation (fm7_instant_web_pub.pdf), the IWP home page should be accessible by entering e.g.. http://www.hlthpool.com:591 or http://:591 except this doesn't work for us. I've also tried entering a few different links in an html file and then browsing to http://www.hlthpool.com:591/fmlink.html for example but without success.


The filemaker application, databases and web sites are all on different partitions. What POSIX file permissions should the database have? Should I put the fm databases on the same partition as the Filemaker Pro application or in the same folder as hlthpool.com's web pages or one level lower? Could someone please specify a correct URL format for getting browser access from outside and/or what link I should put in an html file.


Thank you,



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I don't know for sure yet but I think the answer to the problem lies with my unhelpful ISP - it seems they're the ones blocking just about every port except the common ones for surfing and mail etc. KPN of the Netherlands won't even tell me which ports are blocked let alone open any up for me such as 591. However, a friend ran an open-ports scan and let me have the results. So, I'm moving to the cheaper, faster and all-ports-open speedxs.nl ISP!



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