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If[Get(AccountName)] Script Problems


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I'm trying to create a script that goes to a layout based on users log in name, however FileMaker keeps telling me "The specified table cannot be found". the script reads:



Go to Layout["Guest Error"]


Go to Layout["MSDS Register"]

End If


I thought that the Get(AccountName) function was based on the user's log in, however this error message implies that I need to save the user log in to a table before I can use the information. Is this the case?

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No, you can reference get(accountname) at any time.


I suspect your privileges do not allow users in that privilege set to run the script or visit the specified layout.


You can confirm this by checking if the script runs successfully with the [Full Access] account.

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Thankyou for your reply.


Sorry, I should have been more clear in my description. The problem is not that I can't run the script, it's that I can't create the script. When I try to save the script I get the table cannot be found error message from FileMaker.


But I think that is a problem I can figure out, I really just wanted to know that I'm not doing anything wrong by using the Get(AccountName) function without temporarily saving the information into a table. (I'm finding the scripting function in FileMaker hard to use as I'm used to writing my own in SQL).


Thankyou again

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Well that doesn't make sense. Scripts don't compile when you save them, their syntax is checked as you build each step.


Do you mean a particular script step is giving that error? If so, which one? What values do you have entered?

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If you want to check for guest accounts access, you need to use square brackets:


If[ Get( AccountName ) = "[Guest]" ]


As for the problem you are having with the script - check the layout options for each of the specified layouts and confirm that the table occurrence on which they are based still exists. Also check this by physically going to the layouts named.

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