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Calculating a %


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Hi everyone!


I'm new here and to FMPro.


I have a DB where I work where I need to calculate the percentage of compliance with certains norms.


The user selects from a value list where the values are 1, 0 or NA, the number of issues per norm is different depending on the area the audit is being performed, so I need to calculate the percentage basing myself only on the non NA events found!




1- 1

2- 1

3- 1

4- 1

5- 1

6- 0

7- NA

8- NA

9- 1

10- 1


Should give me 90% not 80% nor 70%, but I can't find a way to do it.


I have to clear out that I am not a developer nor an IT man Opps! , I have already done 5 or 6 DBs by waching some older ones in our servers smiley-wink , and I would relaly appreciate a simple explanation since I'm not IT literate as I stated earlier!


Thanks in advance for your help!smiley-smile

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It's not clear what the structure is, but it might work to simply use the Average() function. The 0's and 1's will turn into a percent, and the text will be ignored.

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That worked So Cool! , it was so simple I feel dumb for not figuring it out myself Oh No! . Thanks a lot Bro, I am in love with this site already, I will keep bugging you guys with clueless questions for days to come!smiley-tongue-out

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