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Refreshing Databases


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I have an event layout for one of my databases. It's a simple layout with a portal in it that keeps track of various events (Call backs, pending appointments, etc). The portal's relationship to the main table is:


Main table Event table

gOpenEvents (=0) = status (where status = 0 if open/inprogress and 1 if complete)


This way once an event is completed it will be removed from the portal.


All of the users at the company leave the event portal window open on their desktops so that they can all monitor the current events.


Everything works well. The only snag is refreshing the window. Sometimes events will be added and they show immediately for the user that created the event, but they do not show up immediately for all of the other users. I put a refresh button onto the layout as a work around, but what I'm wondering is if there is a way of having the window auto refresh on everyones screen from time to time.


I thought maybe a server side script that says refresh the particular window for all users, but I haven't written any server side scripts before so I don't know if that's possible or sensible. Any ideas?

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