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Easy Fix for you FileMaker Guru's, I just cant figure it out!!!


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I have a calaculation setup to determine the path of the current file "Get ( FilePath )" which returns:


file:/G:/xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx/REMINDERS 2.0/ReminderService.fp7


I need it to say:


G:/xxxxxx xxxxxxxx/REMINDERS 2.0/ReminderService.fp7


Could someone please help me with a calc. to get ride of file:/


Thanks a Million!!!! Justin

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Middle (YourMess, 7, Length (YourMess) )


or if you prefer


Middle (YourMess, Position (YourMess, "file:/", 1, 1)+Length("file:/"), Length (YourMess) )


or even


Substitute (YourMess, "file:/", "")

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