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Importing from Excel


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I have one col on an import that if blank needs to say "Member" in the FM record. The field contents from the Excel file can always be changing. The one constant will be if blank, the FM field should read "Member"


I have tried auto enter data, but the import overwrites. I see IsEmpty is not for text.


Need a clue here, please.



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A few questions to clarify...


Are you importing records that have a matching set so in other words are there 2 columns that you are importing? The record ID and than this "imported field". Or are you just overwriting/importing new records continually....


Dependant on the answers to the above...I think the answer is


You could set up an extra field... So in essence you have the field you import to and a calculation field that calculates something like this...




IsEmpty(ImportedField); "Member";






You have to make sure you have unchecked "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty".


Does this help?

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Thanks, I was trying not to create another field. I should have said this was part of a script, might have made the matter easier to understand. I did a replace field contents based upon calculation.


Testing worked well, we'll see how full production performs.



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