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Error in relationship

darth templar

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I'm building a db that has a projects>budget>itemLine>items




The problem is, I need to be able to create budgets, Wiich I can do without problem, only thing is, I need to see, and edit in the project table the number of items that have been aproved by the client...


I tried a portal, the same way as I did in the budget table, onlye I get a:


"this operation cannot be performed because one or more required related records are not available and cannot be created"


Any ideas on how to solve this?



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Most likely you've got record creation enabled in the portal side of the relationship, but the key field that you are using to connect the local table to the portal table, on the portal side, is a calculation field.


For example suppose you have a relationship like so:


LocalTable.................... PortalTable


Date............ = ........... CalculatedDate


___________________ [√] enable creation in PortalTable via this relationship




You can't create records in PortalTable because CalculatedDate is a calculation field. Presumably it draws from other date in other places. A calculation field can't be "set" to some value, as per auto-enter fields. It is what the formula's results are. And if (for example) the formula is something like GetAsDate (TextField_in_PortalTable), FileMaker is not going to retro-calculate what value oughta go into the field TextField_in_Portaltable in order to yield a fresh new record in PortalTable with the right value in Calculateddate.

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