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Email To Thunderbird Stopped Working


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I was using FM 8.5 to send emails via Thunderbird with no problems whatsoever. Today it stopped working. Any ideas for troubleshooting?





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Any ideas for troubleshooting?
Only the obvious ones really. Are you not getting any error messages?


Make sure Thunderbird is still set as the default mail client (change it to Outlook and back again).


Repair the registry with a tool like Advanced System Optimizer or Max Registry Cleaner or even Glary Utilities (free).


Make sure your system is virus & trojan free using a good utility like Kaspersky or Panda.


Re-install FileMaker.



Any more suggestions and I'll be drifting a little off topic for this forum smiley-wink

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What she said, plus make a really simple button (doesn't even need to be a script), one that does not pull from any fields or variables but just does this:


Send Mail [To=email@domain.com / Subject = "hello" / Body = "testing"]



See if that works. If it does, your problem is in the data you're trying to send; not a valid email address or contains illegal characters in the body like hash marks (#) or something of that ilk.

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Incredibly grateful for all the help. I reinstalled FM and that seemed to do it. Seems to be running much faster as well.


Also one of the scripts I have been using seems to be corrupted. I rewrote it and everything is great.


Bob smiley_cool

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