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cant't enter record in portal


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i have createtwo table Table A and Table B which are link with each other.In one of my layout i have a tab control having 3 tabs from one of that tab(like tab1) i have a button (buuton A) through which i can call another tab(tab2) the tab show records from table A. in tab2 i have

a)3 field from tableA

b)1 portal which show related record through TableB

c) and one button(button B)

now i want to create a script when i click on button(button B) the record which is writen in 3 field are insert into portal or Table B.


i have one more problem when i call tab(2) from tab(1) and enter a record over 3 field in tab2 then a message is promt "no record are present"


plz help me

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