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Image Sequence Padding


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I am having to find the "padding" of an image sequence.


Padding is the number of digits used in the sequential filename.





Has a padding of 5 digits.


In other scripting languages I have used, that is represented by %d5.


What I need to do is Identify the padding, and then use that number to call a specific frame number up.


"%d"&Length ( filename::firstframe )


the field firstframe based on the above example would have 00001 in it.


So to call up frame 25 in other scripting languages, I would use "25 %d5" which would become 00025 with the correct padding.


I am sure there is a way to do this in filemaker, but I dont know which function to use. Any help would be appreciated.

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Wouldn't your example be either a padding to 5 digits or a padding of 4 digits? 00005.tga?


"FileName_" & Right ("000000000000000000000"& $Currentdigit), $PaddingToUse & ".tga"


would output FileName_00003.tga if you feed it 3 for $Currentdigit and 5 for $PaddingToUse.



Or did you mean going the other way, feeding it a string like "FileName_00003.tga" and having it output how many padding zeros got used?


Let (rightofdash = Middle (fullstring, position (fullstring, "_", 1, 1)+1, length (fullstring) ); PatternCount (rightofdash, "0") )


ought to output 4 if you feed it "FileName_00003.tga" in a field/variable 'fullstring'

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00001 I consider padding 5 digit padding.


00023 I also consider 5 digit padding.


Is that what you are asking? I consider the total digits the amount of padding.


I am having to generate a frame 0 for an image sequence via a script. In order to write out frame 0, I need to know the padding involved.






would get a file written out which is








would get a file written out




In order for the frame filemaker creates to be considered part of the sequential sequence, the filename as well as the padding needs to be the same.


So essentially, i think your first example is what I need.

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