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Data in one field impacting the enterability of a second field in the same record

Prince -e-PAL

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I am writing a database and I am trying to make it as user friendly as possible. The database will be used to track payments from multiple accounts.


For example, here are some fields"

[student name]

[student district (either account 1 or account 2]

[student placement]

[placement bill]

[funds paid by account #1 ]

[funds paid by account #2]



It is reasonable to predict that a user may enter a payment for an account 1 student in the account 2 field. I'd like to idiot proof that possibility. Here is my idea:


I would like the data in one field impact the display of another field. Specifically, if a student is from APS (district = "ASP"), I would like only the fields related to aps to be enterable (aps payment field enterable, abrsd payment field not enterable) for the specific record.


If I cannot modify "enterability" per record, can I payment field change color?


Any ideas?



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Use this trick, once for each of the two fields; when district = "APS" you want the selfjoin that contains the APS fields to become valid; when district = "theOtherValue" you want the selfjoin that contains the APS fields to become invalid and the one with the 'OtherValue' variants to become the valid relationship.


Don't try to overlap them on top of each other (will not work) but you can put them very close.

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