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check found set before importing records


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I have a script...


Enter Find Mode[]
Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [Enrollment::current; 1]
Set Field [Enrollment::dayOfWeek; $dayOfWeek]
Perform Find []
Go to Layout ["attendance lookup" (Attendance)]
Import Records [No dialog; "Filename.fp7"; Add; Mac Roman]
Show All Records


Is there a way to check to see if a record already exists before creating a new one?

I've thought about an 'if' like:


Perform Find[]
Go to Layout ["attendance lookup" (Attendance)]
If [Enrollment::studentID ≠ Attendance::studentID & Enrollment::classID ≠ Attendance::classID]
Import Records [No dialog...etc.


But, clearly, that doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestions? Do I want a loop?


If backstory is needed, this thread explains what I'm doing:


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Well, I broke down and ended up going to the first record in the found set, the starting a loop that sets variables to the values in question, entering 'find mode', going to the layout that needs to be checked, entering in those variables, running the find, if there are no records in the found set, creating a new record, setting the required fields to the variables, then going to the first layout, going to next record, ending loop. Does that seem like the best way to do that?

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I am confused... why are you importing records?


From where ("Filename.fp7")?


It appears you want to check to see if a record exists before creating a new one. If so run a script and if you get an error message (no found records) than go to new record form


Where does the import come from?

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Scripting it to find records and then, if "no records in found set", creating new record and then setting fields with variables is what I ended up doing. Seems to work fine. I was just wondering if there's a better way I should be doing it. I often feel like I'm patching the thing together with nails because I didn't know my toolbox had a screwgun in it. To use a mediocre metaphor.

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