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Keeping Track Of Numbers Added


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I'll do my best to be as clear as possible.


Summary: I need to keep track of number values that are added to the same field.


We need to keep track of how many widgets are being purchased in our CA and AZ facilities separately. Every couple of hours a bunch of job orders will come in and someone will mark on a piece of paper how many orders came in. Then after the next few hours another batch of paper work will come in and we'll keep track of how many were in that bunch and add it to the previous batch. And it loops from there.


Now I need to create a field that someone will enter in a value of 40 for CA in the first bunch of orders. Then after a few more hours, they enter in a new value of 90. I'll then need to create another new field that will keep track of the total number values as they are being entered into the CA field box.


Every day we will create a new entry to keep track of all the orders that are coming in for a particular day. My biggest hurdle right now if figuring out how to keep track of number entries as they are being added. Running Summary will not work, as I need them for each separate day.


Any assistance with examples would be highly appreciated.




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Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems a simple matter of using a record for each entry, with fields for Date, Time, Facility, and Count.


If you need a count by Facility or Date, you can either use a sub-summary report or aggregate calcs over a filtered self-join relationship. The choice depends on what you need and how you need it (printed or on-screen).

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LOL :)) )) )) )) )) ))


Now i know how my daughter feels when i try to explain RSA encryption to her and how it's just a simple math equation.


That being said. Ender you went so far over my head, i have no idea where to start.


i want the end user to have just one box that they put a numeric value in and every couple of hours they put different values in it. then i have another field the keeps adding to those values that are being added over time for that day.


I'll look in the FM help and see what i can make of your key words. Thanks for the assistance.



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Let's see if I understand:


One person (or many?) from CA and one from AZ will periodically be entering "orders" into a data entry (numerical field) and you want to be able to see a summary of these orders.



If correct:

1) Fields necessary: Order (number of items), Location (AZ or CA), and Date (and time if you want). Run a find by date and location to see the orders for that date and location (or just date to see the orders for both). Or you can run a search for a range of dates (ie: "4/1/2008..4/30/2008" for April 2008).


2) If you want a count of the number of orders: OrderCount field (summary field "count" of Order - your # of orders)


3) If you want a total of "widgets" ordered: OrderTotal field (summary field "total of" of Order - your total # of widgets ordered)


4) If you want to know the order total at (or just before and after) the time a new order is entered then you might want to use running total instead of (or in addition).

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