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Blocking entry into a Field

sean p

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hi everyone


i have a Field set up as an edit box and it includes the vertical scroll bar.......


i want to be able to scroll up and down to view the data ( which is quit long ) in the field.... however i would like to prohibit field entry.......


is this possible ?????


i tried to uncheck the "allow field to be entered in browse mode " but it also locks the scroll bar .......


i even tried to cover the field with a transparent button that runs a dummy script , i.e exit script .......which works fine until you scroll up or down then suddenly you are again permited to enter the field.


how can i prevent entry into field yet being able to scroll up or down ?????smiley-undecided


thx in advance


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Define a calculation field, result type "text", defined simply as YourExistingField.


Put that field instead of YourExistingField on your layout and put a vertical scroll bar on it.

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