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Using time stamps


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When I set up my time stamp how do i get it to automatically enter te date and time when someone opens the program. I have gone to the auto enter screen but it does not perform the task (I am using Vista) ..any suggestions?

Thanks NormanE

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File Options. You can select a script to run whenever the file is opened.


I have no idea what "the auto enter screen" might be.

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once you enter it as a container field then go up to file and click on define you will open a screen with all your fields, then to the right is a button that says specify, if you click on that you open to another screen with three tabs on top, the first is auto and that is what i clicked... but if you don't know how to get to this screen I guess you don't know how to make it work automatically do you... Norman

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Oh, I thought you meant some screen YOU had designed, sorry!


There is no auto-enter option for "auto-enter last opened". You need to script the setting of a field to Get (CurrentHostTimeStamp) and run that script whenever someone opens the file.


If you want to know the last time Joe Blow or Susie Enduser opened the file, the field should be in a "joe Blow" record and the same field, different record, for Susie Enduser has her last logon timestamp. Trap for Get(AccountName) at logon and go to that person's record and record that value.


If you want "last time any person opened the database", have a single-record file somewhere and punch Get(CurrentHostTimeStamp) into that single record each time anyone opens the file.


If you want a log of who logged in when, make a new record at each logon, and set User to Get(AccountName) and logon datetime to Get(CurrentHostTimeStamp)

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