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Value List Types and Use


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I am trying to get a clear picture of value list "types" and when to use one versus another in a particular "use".


I understand how to create a few value lists, such as:

1. Using custom values

2. Using values from a field


However, conditional value lists are still a little shaky for me. I have created a "conditional" value list recently by using multiple table occurences of the same table to provide the "parsed" down choices. I do not truly understand how I got it to work.


Then, the real confusion sets in...

If I use a conditional value list for "record creation" or browse mode, it only provides me values of what exists in the database for those fields. This is problematic when a record needs to be entered that uses a value that is in the "Custom Value List" but not used in the database yet. Since it is not used, it is not in a field yet.


However, this type of conditional value list is perfect in Find mode as it restricts the search to what exists in the database - very convenient.


So, how do I get the conditional value list in find mode that restricts the choices to what exists in the database AND when in browse mode to create a record I get the full choice set - but still be conditional?


I do not want users to enter a value into the field unless it exists in either the fields already or in the custom values.


Am I supposed to create one conditional value lists that provides the "find" behavior as I described and assign that to fields that are enterable only in find mode, then create another value list that shows all available "custom values" in order to create a record and assign that to a duplicated set of fields that is overlaying the "find" fields? And if so, how do I constrain the record creation value list?


Or, should I create different layouts that a user goes to for "find" and one for "browse"?


I do not mean to sound like I am all over the board - but I am confused about this and would love someone to advise me on how to apply each type of value list?


All help appreciated.

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Hi, David,


The decision about same or different layouts for searches is up to you.


The overlay technique seems to be pretty straightforward and I don't see the problem with "constraining the record creation value list" as long as you're attaching the right list to the right copy (browse or find) of the field.


You can also use field definition validation for further constraint.

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Hi Lingo, thanks for the reply.


Does that mean that there is no way to create "one" conditional value list that perfoms as I would like it to in both browse mode and find mode?

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I *think* the answer is No, because in Find mode you're not in any particular record that could be linked to any other, but let's see whether one of the experts has another answer.

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Thanks Lingo,

I really may be asking very obvious "duh" like questions without realizing it. Since the second drop down values (and subsequent drop downs) are related to the result of their respective previous drop down value, I guess in Find mode there is no relation to any record as you have pointed out.


Does anyone know of a method that will conditionally list (in consecutive fashion - drop down 1, then drop down 2, then drop down 3, etc.) what values exists in the database in Find mode?


Any help is appreciated.

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All I can think of sounds pretty advanced - performing a find in a new invisible window based on the person's selection each time, and writing the find results in list form to a NON-global field in a one-record utility table which then becomes the basis of a value list. Can't really help you with details but it's an idea.

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