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FileMaker Pro 5.5 and Citirx - Help Please


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I've poked around the forums a bit but as I do not have a full membership, searching was difficult and I hoped posting will bring the geniuses out of the woodwork and get me straightened out. Suffice it to say if this posting resolves my issues, I'll be happy to plunk down the subscription cost out of my own pocket.


Short version:

I've inherited (new job, woo) 4 Citrix servers (presentation server 4.0 running Win2k3 Ent.) and on one, we have an ancient installation of FMP 5.5. According to the business side, we can't upgrade or migrate off this dbase due to cost and issues surrounding major changes to the way FMP worked after version 8 breaking something in the custom dbase this group has made. The application worked correctly until about six months ago, when suddenly it started throwing "Maximum License Count" reached error messages, preventing it from launching for all but 1 or 2 people at a time. As far as I can tell (and yes, I'm working from the scribbled notes left over by the last admin who didn't like to write anything down) nothing changed in that time period and he was unable to resolve the issue. The folks at Filemaker are unhelpful, as they won't support a version of the software this old (understandable) and all they'll offer is a quote to migrate everything to the new version.


My problem

I need to get rid of this license limitation - we never had the problem before, we should be properly licensed for the software and number of users we have using this app is tiny (potentially, less than 15 folks.) I need to ensure multiple logons are possible and even after extensive googling, I can't get much information. I need some troubleshooting steps, files or registry keys to manipulate or people to talk to so I can get this working again - as long as it works for the next 2 months, we can replace it afterwards but I don't have suitable time or management buy-in now to get it migrated before it's needed.


Thanks very much for whatever help you can suggest,



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