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radio button in script


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i have a radio button that have two value

show all


when i select show all radio button i want to show all record but when i select selected radio button i want to show selected record based on some criteria.

plz help me

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place a button over top of each radio button on the layout. I'm assuming that you have a field, and a value list with the two values, set on that field using the radio button option.


Create a script called "Set Radio Button"


On each of the two buttons you have created, for the one over top of "Show All" , run the script, and pass it the parameter "Show All". For the other, run the same script, but pass a parameter "Selected"


Your script will look something like this:



Set Field [ RadioButtonField ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

Commit Records/Requests


if [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) = "Show All" ]

Show All Records

Else If [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) = "Selected" ]

""Do you whatever you do for this""

End If

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