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Summary field calculation in External data source


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Hi to all!


I have a problem... I try to calculate a summary field of a external data source thru a relationship established, but nothing happen.


What steps I need to verify in order to have the correct calculation?


I have Filemaker 9 Pro


Thanks in advance

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Sorry, I'll try to be more clear


I have 2 databases separated:

- Production system

- Quality system


In Production db I added a external data source (Quality system). I have a report that calculate summary fields depending of some part definitions like Date, Shift and Line (Production Fields). When I want calculate these summary fields corresponding to Production system, no problem.

The problem start when I want to add # defects field from Quality db to report. In Shift Sub-summary part the calculation is fine, but don't show anything in another part Def. Any idea?


Any help is good received

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