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In have two fields


Money Receipt > Text> Checkbox > value "Y"


Money Receipt Check > Calculation > Case(Isempty(MoneyReceipt),"",""Submitted") > text > Unstored



The problem is it is working in all records except two records. Whether the Money Receipt is checked or unchecked it is showing Submitted.


I do not know what could be the problem.



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a) make a temporary second copy, on your layout (not in field defs!) of MoneyReceipt.


b) format the second copy as a standard edit box. I bet you have some value in that field on that recor that is NOT "Y" and therefore the checkbox is not showing up as checked, but is nevertheless not empty.

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You are correct.


Initially the checkbox value was " YES", then I changed to "Y".


The two records were craeted before changing the value to "Y".


One more thing, since the calc contains "isempty", there got to be something in the field to give the result.


I should have thought of that.


Thank you very much.

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