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not enter into find mode


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i have a layout names

1 user

2 find user

in find user layout there are some field which are dropdownlist.

and in user layout i have a button and when on click that button i write a script to open find user in FIND MODE.


i create two account(acct1,acct2) and acct1 has no rights to access status area. now my query is that when i open project from acct1 account status area is not show its ok . now when i click button (which is in user layout) find user is open but when i click on dropdownlist which is in find user not show values.


plz help me

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I think you should verify your account privileges for acct1. Go to File - Define - Accounts & Privileges. Now go to Privilege Sets and select the set that applies to acct1. Verify that acct1 is allowed to access value lists.


If this is OK, also verify that your dropdownlist is accessible in Find mode. For this, go to Layout mode, right-click on the dropdownlist and go to Field/Control - Behavior. Make sure the box "In Find mode" is selected.


If none of this helps, I suggest you post your database so I can have a look.

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