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viewing related portal records


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hey everyone,


i am having problems solving this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


so basically i have 2 tables, "A" and "B" (to make things simple), it is a many to many relationship with a line table in-between, in table A i have a portal to the line table with information in it from table B, and obviously with many records from B..

i don’t have a problem viewing from table B all the times this record is used in table A, what i am having trouble with is viewing the other records from B that are associated with the record From A.


or more specifically, i have an event with multiple contacts associated with that event, i can see from the contact page which events this contact is associated with, but i cant figure out how to see the other contacts associated with a particular event, or all the events this contact is associated with for that matter..


any suggestions??

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so basically i have 2 tables, "A" and "B" (to make things simple)


It's actually much easier to understand if you use real-world examples, instead of "table A", "table B".

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ok will do.. thanks


i have a database where i am tracking the details of a particular event for a band. now in this case i am having trouble viewing the people who booked the job. i have set it up so that there can be many people associated with one job, (person who books the job and people to see at the job itself). what i would like to do is go to a persons contact information and not only see which jobs he booked or is associated with, (which i can already do) but also all the other people that are connected to him through an event (or multiple events). ex: if i was supposed to speak with him at a job, i want to know who booked the job and set up our initial meeting...

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I can't tell what your current structure is surrounding the events, but it should be something like:


Contact -- Event


Now add another copy of the Event_Contact table occurrence and another copy of the Contact table occurrence, and you should be able to see all Contacts associated with all Events:


Contact -- Event -- Contact by Event


Or if you want to limit it by a selected Event, add a globally stored gEventID field to the Contact table, and populate that either through a script attached to a button in the Event portal, or use a value list of related Events. Then the relationships will be a little different, using the global as the key for the second chain of relationships:


Contact -< Event_Contact >- Event 
    -< Event_Contact by SelectedEvent >- Contact by SelectedEvent

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