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Relationships Between Files in Filemaker v5


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Dear Filemaker Community:


As background: I was asked to work on a project for my firm connecting data from two Filemaker v5 Files. In the past I've only really worked with web design and e-mail setup, but since we don't have anyone with Filemaker knowledge (files were created years ago) around I got stuck with this one. I tried a Filemaker for Dummies book but it was for v7-8, and Filemaker no longer provides support for v.5 ... so I'm hoping this forum can assist.


As I said I'm working with two files. One file is used for inventory and the other is for invoicing. The inventory file has an individual record for each item in inventory. Each record has a unique identifier field, and volume avail field.


Each record in the invoice file is an individual invoice. It may list 3-4 different products from the inventory file. The products are identified by the same value from the inventory file. However, the field in the inventory file has a different name.


The goal is to link the two files so that when an invoice is created, the volume purchased of each item is deducted from the appropriate inventory file. If anyone on here has some knowledge / background on this I would greatly appreciate it.


Don't have a budget for this, but if someone can take a couple of hours to work through this with me, and we are able to successfully tie the two together, some small compensation ($100) may be possible. I'm guessing that if you really know the software, within a half hour you would be able to either walk me through it or tell me I need to upgrade to v. 8 in order to do this.


Thank you for your time,


Stu Fleishman


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