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V4.1 to V9


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I am not knowledge about FM.

I have a customer that has been running a DB using FM V4.1 Workstation for as long as V4 has been available.

They are moving to a Windows 2003 SBS and I looked a tthe differnt options wiht the idiea of having the DB on the server.

I tried installing V 9 Pro, but it is very slow to open 1 user, and cannot work with one of the file that is a DB with extension .FM. All the other files are extension .FP3 if that matter.

I download the server version, but I am getting the same error that it cannot fine the file (.FM) and it is as well very slow. (1 min to open DB).


For both Pro and Server, the file were converted to .FP7 when I tried to open them. THe FM file though could not be converted, so, I did export first to a FP3 format, and then was able to open with V9. But It is still not work and the apps hang.


So, my first question is: Is there any chance a V4 DB would work on V9?

If so, then anyone had any experience doing this and what could make this so slow?

Any suggestions are welcome.



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The speed issues with converted databases such as these usually come down to the huge number of outdated file references that exist and are checked to find the related files. Check the file references (called External Data Sources in version 9) and delete any that are not current.


To convert the .FM file, try first changing the extension to .FP3 and then converting it. Wherever it is referenced as an external data source, this will need to be fixed.


I worry when people who are "not knowledge about FM" are expected to do this sort of work.

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