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Cannot use "\" char


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Hi Guys


I am having a real problem because I need to use the"\" char. below but it wont except it. The end result should be ie


\cost for example


Case(isempty(Mod CatA),"",""\""&Mod CatA)


Why cant I use this "\" char and is there a ay over the problem



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It's the ignore next character-character. If you type

Case(isempty(Mod CatA),"","\\"&Mod CatA)


you should be fine.


btw 1

I believe "\\" & Mod CatA, without the case statement, will give the exact same result as long as you keep "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty. " checked (bottom left calculation dialog).


btw 2

Mod () is a function in Filemaker. Consider avoiding function names in field names to prevent confusion.

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