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Date Calculation help needed


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I'm looking for help. I am brand new to filemaker. I have started a database where I keep track of students who need to see a professional like a psychologist or social worker. I need to keep track of the date the student was referred to the professional and the date that they were first seen by that person.


My first question is how do I make a calculation field that will tell me how long the student waited to be seen (and if they aren't seen yet presume today's date for the calculation)?


I also need a second calculation (and maybe this is not possible) that would take the one longest wait for each kid and tally them into fields that are: 1 month or less, 2-4 months, 5-7 months, 8-10 months and more than one school year. Each kid can only be counted once (even if they see or are waiting to see multiple professionals) and I want it to be their longest wait time.


Thank you so much for your help!

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