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networking problems


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hey all,


i'm new to the forum and pretty new to FMP but the organization i work for now has a license, so here i am.


I'm looking for proper instruction as to how to network a file over a LAN. I have followed the instruction in the help file with zero luck. Is there an online resource i could be linked to? I've seen in my searching that opening port 519 in my firewall should help but there is nothing in the help file about opening any ports..am i missing something.


Basically all i need is for me and the guy sitting beside me to be able to edit the same file simultaneously and see each others changes..




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Literally just two people using the file, not a workgroup or a company's worth of people needing access to it?


a) The FileMaker file needs to be on YOUR hard drive or on the OTHER person's hard drive. Whichever you go with, that person is heretofore referred to as the Host of the db and the other person is the Guest.


b) INSTRUCTIONS TO THE HOST: Open the file. To to the FileMaker Pro menu (far left, next to your Apple menu) and go to Sharing ——> FileMaker Network....; turn network sharing on (radio button is either On or Off); then farther down & to your right where it says "Network accessa to file", either pick "All users" if you don't worry about anyone else at the company also opening the file as a guest, or tell me that won't work for you and I'll give you more details about your other option, which involves setting up privilege sets.


c) INSTRUCTIONS TO THE GUEST: Launch FileMaker Pro. Go to the File menu, pick "open Remote...", and pick "Local Hosts". Your HOST's computer should appear on the lefthand side. Click that HOST's name and the shared database file should appear on the righthand pane. Doubleclick it there, or single-click it and click the "Open" button and that should let you in as a GUEST just as if you were at the HOST computer.



things to not do: do not ever make a file copy of the database file while it is open; do not ever force-quit out of filemaker as Host in order to disconnect your guest (you do have to get your guest to disconnect first in order to close the file as Host though).


things to get in the habit of doing: make a backup copy on the host machine just before opening (hosting) the file every morning; if you are the Guest, always close out of the file any time you are leaving your desk for any length of time; as Host, always close out of the file in the evening before going home, ESPECIALLY if your computer has any automated backup software running that kicks in in the middle of the night and backs up your hard drive for you.

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AHunter3, thanks for the info


unfortunately that's exactly what i have tried so far, and yes its literally 2 people working on the file. You are pretty much describing the instructions of the help file, which is what i went off initially. Where it goes awry is when i wait for my host to show up in the list of hosts in the open remote dialog . It just doesn't show up. So i try to connect directly by punching the IP of the host and the filename. That gets me a "file not found" type error message..or is it just "file could not be opened"..? i can't check right now as my compatriot is not here currently to attempt networking again. Is there anything I have to do with my firewall? Open any particular port? Or is there something i need to do on the host computer in order to make it able to be seen by the client FMP computer?


thanks again.


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Turn your firewall off, on both computers, and see if problem goes away. If it does, you know the problem is with your firewall; if problem persists, look elsewhere.


Are the two computers on a different subnet? If so, Guest will not see Host under Local Hosts; instead Guest will have to add the IP address of Host as a "Favorite Host" then switch tabs from Local Hosts to Favorite Hosts, click on Host's IP where it appears on the left, then the live open shared file should appear on the right-hand pane.


Doesn't work?



Take out your FmPro installation CD and install a copy of FileMaker on Computers C and D (not the current Host computer or the current Guest computer). Hmm, that brings up a point: does the Host and the Guest each have a separate installation code, or else were installed with an installation code designed for a site license, i.e, is deliberately intended for use on multiple computers? I don't think Guest can connect to Host if Guest's installation code is identical to Host's installation code, if they are single-user installs. (Essentially that would mean you're violating the rules, one license per seat). But moving along...assuming that's not your situation either...


once you've installed extra copies of FmPro on two more computers, create a test file, host it on Computer C and find out if Computer D can see the hosted file. If yes, see if either the current Guest or the current Host can see the test file hosted by Computer C. Also see if Computer D can see a file hosted by either current Guest or current Host. The answers to these questions may indicate that one or the other of Guest & Host computer has a local problem on that specific computer.


If any of these computers is a laptop, or you can GET your hands on a laptop, take laptop off your company's network and go to a WiFi hotspot or take it home & hook up to your home network or something. See if FileMaker networking works outside of your company's network environment. A router or other network component in your company's network may be blocking FmPro networking in some fashion, and if so you'd find networking functions just fine when you cut corporate network out of the picture.


And so on: switch out your variables until you can narrow in on the circumstances & components where you cannot connect. If you can't do it anywhere, go back to square one and assume you misunderstood something about how to set it up in the first place (although as you note it's not horribly complicated so that's not likely).

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