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Sub-Summary When Sorted By


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Hi All!


I hope you can help me with a problem.

I have created a database and I would like to generate a report from it that is sorted and printed in a specific way.


Essentially, there are fields representing ReelName (Number), Timecode (Number), Scene Prefix (Letter), and Scene Number (Number). I have listed these fields in the order I want the records sorted:




Scene Prefix

Scene Number


Everytime the report hits a new Scene Number, I want a page break. I have created a SubSummary Part (Subsummary when sorted by Scene Number) that does so, and it works just fine ONLY if the records are sorted like so:


Scene Prefix

Scene Number

(and then all of my other data fields)


Once I sort the records in the order I need (as I laid out at the start of the post), where Scene Number is fourth in the sort order list, the report prints only one record per page and inserts the SubSummary with every record, rather than displaying together all of the records that share a Scene Number.


Any ideas as to how to remedy this? Am I missing a key step, or is this a Filemaker 8 bug? I'm sure I can write a script and run it every time I want to print, but this seems basic enough to be done within the layout definitions.




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