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damaged record makes file/FMPro quits !!


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my biggest fear occured again

file quiting because of a picture in one of the fields:


file with 16000 records

3 fields have pictures (jpg or pict) in them for each record

file is 14GB

was running fine until i got to one record and it says:

"BDb.fp7" is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the Recover command to recover this file


i have been having this problem for 5 years and restarted brand new the database 3 times and at some points this problem happens.


the damaged record when i come to it promt the message to pop up and has question marks (?) in the center of the container fields instead of the pictures ..

the Recovery does not work because as it is recovering or what ever the process is of recovering .. when it comes/arrives at the damage record(s??) it quits and the recovery can not continue ...

the pictures are images that are in jpg or pict and usuallu thru photoshop are reduced in size ... so i am not sure how to go about deleting the corrupt file as when FMPro gets to it, it quits and therefore there is no option or chance to get rid of it!

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also ... could it be a size matter .. at some point too many pictures or ??

that problem occurs when the Dbase gets to the 15000 records .. not at 3000 or 7000 when things get to 14/15 Gb


in the past that has been my observation / it is about 900k per record on average ..

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Not even 15 billion records should be causing this problem, not per se at any rate.


You mentioned in the other thread that you are doing backups. Via FileMaker Server's own scheduled backups?


Are any of these other processes running on the FileMaker Server computer when the files are open and served up?: automated backup of the computer's hard drives (like Retrospect for example); file sharing turned on (Macs could mount the hard disk with the live database files right there on their desktop; and/or Windows users could get to that disk's files & folders via Network Neighborhood or My Network Places etc); antivirus hard disk scans; indexing services (such as Spotlight indexing on MacOS X or I think it is just called Indexing Service on a Windows Server); manual file copying of the open database files; manual or automated copying of files to or from the hard disk to/from some other location, networked or local; other processes that involve a lot of read or write operations on the disk that contains the hosted db files?

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no the back ups are me copying from Mac HD to external HDrive as "back up" or copies

i do not haver servers

so you are saying that there is a way to set automatic b-up by or from FMP ... but i thought that FMP automatically saves the work in progress ..


how could i get around that damaged file that makes it quit

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I said FileMaker SERVER has built-in backups. FileMaker PRO does not.


do you ever try to copy the files when they are OPEN and RUNNING, or only after quitting out of FileMaker Pro?

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