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help please with self-join relationship and portal


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hey everyone,


this problem is making me crazy!! if anyone can please help me out i would realy appreciae it!!


i am having a problem creating a portal which displays all records which are 30 days past due and 45 days past due.

i tried self joining my table but i keep on getting an error message that the index is missing.

and i also dont want it to base the results on a certain record, but that i should have a list of all the records which match the criteria...


the fields i have are as follows:

current date - global field - calculated by button on layout

event date - (date field) the date the event happened and which i am trying to calculate when 30 days have passed

event 30 - unstored event + 30 and result is in date format (calc field)

event 45 - " + 45

name - i want this to display in the portal to represent which records match the relationship i need


the relationship i have set up are as follows,

1) one self join table which does as follows:

current date > event 30 AND

2) the other self-join table has this relationship:

current date > 45 (for all records greater the 45 days due)


what am i doing wrong??? if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it!!!!


thanks a-ton


p.s. i posted in another category and i have been unable to find a solution.

would you guys mind taking a look at my other post and commenting on it?




and i also posted an example to a website of mine so you can see what i've done because i am only a guest (temporarily - i will upgrade soon)

here is the link.... http://www.kapurimbasket.com/example.fp7

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I cannot get a valid .fp7 file from your download.


My only suggestion (short of seeing your file) is to build your table slowly, making sure each calculated field works perfectly before going to the next step, and then finally displaying via the portal as the last step.

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thanks for your input.

i dont know why it does that, but if you save it as a .fp7 file it will work.

and i checked all the calculation fields and they are working well.

there must be something i am missing....

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I got it (had to change extension, file type and file creator though).


Event 30 and Event 45 are unstored calcs. You can't do that. They have to be indexed, stored calcs because they are on the right-hand side (the remote side, the portal side) of the relationship.

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your'e a genius!!


i did not know that!!


sorry about the hassle with the file..

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