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Change report portal but not entire record?


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I run a report that performs a find/request for active properties and omits inactive properties. The report shows property reserve totals and their respective tenant deposits.


Now, the peform find does exactly what it's supposed to, but some properties have more than one tenant upcoming because they are vacation properties and for those on the report I am showing the tenants as a portal so we can see all deposits per tenant. The only problem I'm having is how to not show the "inactive" tenants in the portal.


I tried changing the script perform/find to also find active tenants and omit inactive tenants but of course what it does is omit the entire owner record vs. just the portal row of the tenant that's inactive.


Is there a way to omit rows in a portal so I can get this information to display correctly? Hope I'm making sense.

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The only way to omit records in the portal is to have the portal set up to display records from a relationship that filters out those tenants who are not active.


It strikes me then that you will need a new relationship to fulfil the two sets of conditions that you have and consequently another portal and possibly another layout (or at least a 2 part tab to display the 2 portals)..........I think!



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