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Find and replace text/number within a field?


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We have a database that records the time that has been taken to typeset or create a job in the art department. We previously used a decimal point system for entering time taken for any work that we had done.


For example - 15 minutes equated to .25 (1/4 of an hour) and 1 hour of work was entered as 1.00. Recently we have switched over to a new system of charging for artwork and it is based on a per minute basis and a cost has been assigned at the rate of $124 per hour.


I have been able to create a field which will automatically calculate the cash rate and enter it into another field using the time reference that is entered by the user (such as 15 minutes instead of .25 as previously done).


The problem I have now is all the old records that remain in the system with an entry of .20, .25, .30, etc. as the cost does not reflect the amount of time spent on the job - since we are now charging in per minute form.


Is there a script or calculation that I can implement that will find and replace text - such as .25 and convert this to a figure of 15 (minutes)


There are numerous other fields and denominations that I will have to change to other fields but I figure once I know the calculation or script, I will be able to apply the same procedure to other areas of the database.


I am also unsure as to how limited I am as the copy of FileMaker Pro I have is version 5.5, I know that the Div and Let commands are not available for use in this version...


Regards, Shaun (sticks1977)

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So you want to convert hours, which were entered as decimal portions OF an hour usually, i.e., .25 for 15 minutes as per your example, to minutes?


Make a backup of your db.


Do whatever Find isolates those records that were entered the old way. If no job took as long as a full hour, that would be all records with a value


Click into field, do a Replace Field Contents, and for your formula ThatField * 60, and hit the OK button.


.25 * 60 = 15



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