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Counting specific values in a found set


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I have a layout for service reports.


Currently I have a script for this layout that takes a start date and an end date specified by the user in two global fields and finds all records within the date range that have their status field marked 'Complete'. The layout shows a list of the record information. One of the fields in the list shows the tech that the repair was completed by.


What I'd like is a calculation field for each tech that shows the count of repairs completed by that tech in the found set.


I was trying to figure out some way that I could use count(repairs::tech) to do it, but I cant figure out how to specify that I want a particular value from that field. I'd like to avoid getting the totals from each tech by adding script, but if that's the only logical way then I'll do it. Any suggestions?

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That's so simple and makes so much sense. I thought there was some way to make a unique count but I didn't know exactly how to form it. Thanks for the help!!

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