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Downside to using Global Storage for Icons and Graphics


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In my quest to make it easier for me to build my databases, I started to create a "Graphics" table in my solution where each graphic is a global field that stores a particular Icon or Graphic. Then I just pull the global field into any layout that requires it.


So far I have about 15 fields that are "housing" these graphics. Is this a good way to handle graphics?


I have noticed that in my scripts where I use "Save as Excel" as one of the script steps, these global graphic fields are smattered throughout the Excel document after it is saved. Is there a way I can control what fields get exported?


It appears the "Export" menu item via FileMaker menus has the ability to select which fields get exported, but not the "Save as Excel" script step.


Furthermore, even if I could specify which fields, that seems like a lot of specialized scripts for the task to keep these gloabal fields out of the report.


Is this just one of the downsides to using global graphics?

Thanks in advance.

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Export allows you to export to Excel (among other options) and preset the fields you're exporting. That's one approach.


Another is to have yet another layout with no graphics to be used solely for the purpose of exporting to Excel.


Can't really judge which is preferable. Guess I'd go for the first, offhand.

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