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Pasted object show on multiple tabs

Riley Casey

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I have created a tabbed layout with a number of tabs. When I create fields on the tab panel from the new field function the fields work normally,showing up on only their proper tab panel. If I copy the field from another layout the field shows up on ALL of the tab panels regardless of which one they were pasted into. I have checked to confirm that no part of the field is outside the bounds of the tab panel and that doesn't seem to be the problem.


A little history on this project in case that changes things. I am in the process of updating an FMP4 solution to FMP 8.5. I have imported the original into an FMP6 copy and then opened those files in FMP 8 and then finally copied and pasted those fields into a new FMP 8 file using FMP 8.5 Advanced.


Is there a way around this issue?

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Ha! While my searches of the forum on this subject were fruitless my posting seemed to spur the forum to find related topics and answered my questions. Tabs don't work normally if they span layout parts. I'm in business.

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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