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Modification Date - can I exclude fields?


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I have a database with numerous fields and also a modification date that automatically will update any time that a field within the record is altered.


Can any fields within the record be excluded from updating the modification date when additions or alterations are made to these fields?


The only reason for asking is there are two fields within each record that will tell the user where to find the file once it has been placed back onto the server. This is usually updated by myself - but when I paste that information into each specific record it automatically updates the modification date field.


Any help would be appreciated - I have posted a few topics already but these are my main issues with the database that we have. If I can sort these problems out - the database will be PERFECT!


Regards, Shaun (sticks1977)

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It's trickier in FmPro 5.x than in the modern edition, but yes you can do it.


a) Define a calculation field of result type "number" defined as Status(CurrentRecordID) let's call it RecID


b) Define an unstored calculation field of type "date" defined as Status(CurrentDate), let's call it CurrentDate


c) Define a calculation field of result type "number" defined as Case (YourFirstField & YourSecondField & YourThirdField & AndSoOn, Status(CurrentRecordID) ), let's call it ModificationTrigger.


d) Define a relationship between your file and itself, matching ModificationTrigger on the left side with RecID on the right. Let's call that relationship WhenModified.


e) Define a date field, SelectiveModificationDate. Set it up to be a lookup field, to look up CurrentDate from WhenModified, in other words enter WhenModified::CurrentDate whenever a new value in ModificationTrigger matches a value in WhenModified::RecID


Even though ModificationTrigger itself does not literally change its value, the modification of any of the fields that it references in its calc formula, i.e., YourFirstField or YourSecondField or YourThirdField or AndSoOn, will cause FileMaker to treat the value in ModificationTrigger as new and hence prompt the lookup to take place (again) thereby filling in SelectiveModificationDate with CurrentDate.

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