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Sub-summary issue?


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I have a new file with a report set up: 1 header, 2 sub-summarys and a footer. Yesterday they all worked fine. Today, now that I've put the file on Filemaker server 8 the lower printing sub-sum is only showing the first record entered for each of the above sub-sum categories - not showing all the records for each category. I've checked that one sub-sum is printing above and one below. All the fields are in the layout spots correctly. The sort setup has not been changed. Has anyone had this issue before?

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What happens if you put the file back in its original location? ie offline / filemaker 9 server ? My only inclination @ this stage is that if a global is somehow used in the report it may have an issue when moving it from offline to online on server because if the global is not set offline (ie if you blanked it before putting it online) it will remain blank.


Try moving it back to its original location and see if it is still broke or if that fixes the issue.

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