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Related tables problem


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I have a field that I want displayed as text for data entry, but stored as a numeric so I can export the numeric field to web e-commerce software:


01 Business

02 Finance ... etc


I created a field category (numeric) in my "inventory" database and new table "category" eg. Catid (numeric) and CatDesc (Text); then defined the relationships.


Not having much success in layout mode trying to set up a value list to accomodate this; so that I can select the category description; and populate it with the categoy ID.


Newbie, with some Access experience. Any help appreciated.

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you mention that you have tables but your details say that you are on v6 which doesn't use tables. It would be handy to know what you are using because the approach, while quite straightforward, is completely different for pre and post 7



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They actually are tables, it's just that because they are also files, and you always have a one-to-one correspondence of tables to files, everyone always called them "files". No one spoke of "tables". Until FileMaker 7, that is.

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