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Mysterious pop-up of drop-down


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I have a record layout that includes several text fields, drop-down fields, radio button fields, and two portals that display information from different tables. One of these portals displays a field that also happens to be a drop-down.


There is one drop-down field in this layout (let's call it "DDF") which, when I click and make a selection from the list, successfully enters that selection BUT it then also causes the drop-down list in the *portal* field (let's call it "DDP") to appear, as though I had clicked on *that* drop-down. DDP disappears if I click on it, or if I click anywhere else in the layout. This happens consistently, every single time I make a selection from DDF (not when I click on it to display the list, not if I free-type something in, but always when I click on one of the list choices). Both DDP and DDF appear to be very simple drop-downs, no associated scripts or auto-fill or anything else. The two fields don't appear to have any relationship to each other. This happens whether I view the layout as a form or a table.


What could be causing this, and what should I be looking for to fix it?


Michele C.

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It's probably the next item in your tab order. After picking the value in Field A, the focus moves to the next field in the tab order. If it also has a dropdown VL, it's going to drop down at that point.

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