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FM6 Runtime under VISTA - Strange Behaviour



We have developed and deployed a stand alone runtime with FM6 Developer on Windows XP. Everything works fine.


Now we are testing the same runtime on Windows Vista. Almost all functions seem to work well, but there is a strange behaviour:


-> The Data which is displayed on the layouts does NOT correspond to the data actually contained in the db-Tables. Instead, data corresponding to previous installations of the same application are displayed !!!




  • Has anybody experienced or heard of this kind of behaviour with FM6 runtimes on Vista?
  • Is it possible that the Runtime Application is storing data temporarily and that the management of this temporary data storage is not correct under Vista? If yes, do you know where the temp data is stored?
  • Suggestions for workarounds to make this work on Vista?


Any comments, suggestions, experiences with FM6 Runtimes on Vista are VERY welcome!




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Despite the yawning timeframe gap between FileMaker 6 and Vista, I'm thinking the problem is that you've got an old copy of the db from the previous installation in existence somewhere and that is being opened and referenced. FileMaker 6 is especially uninclined to care where a file actually is -- if it can find a file with the appropriate file name, it figures that must be it, and the first one it finds is the one it goes with.


Is there possibly, conceivably, a copy on the hard drive of the computer this is being run from?

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