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Keep field formatting on export


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I've tried everything i could, but it seems almost impossible to keep the formatted content of a field on export.


For instance, the sentence:

"This is just an example"

will always export as:


"This is just an example" after export.


There are options while exporting to HTML or Excel that let's you select "apply current layout's data formatting to exported data" but that's not making any difference.


How can i export the stuff to Excel, HTML, with formatting included?

(right now the only way is to export to PDF but then i need an PDF to Word or whatever converter to be able to edit afterwards and those conversions tend to be a bit unreliable)

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I guess for html you can create a calc for field in question, wrapping the field in the GetAsCSS function and exporting the CSS code to then put into html code?


As far as I know you cannot export formatting in a field such as bold/underline etc to those formats. Generally the export using field format option retains things such as $ sign, decimal places etc on number fields, date formats. Basically it is for field formatting, not formatting of text (manually) within that field.


You're best bet is to export field content by first putting it in GetAsCSS in a calc field.

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Wow, that did it :)


I export a HTML formatted result to PDF and then let Acrobat Reader save that pdf as plain text - that way i have a 'valid html page'. Not ideal, but in the end it does what i want it to do without the stupid PDF-to-Word converter :)

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