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Portal table lookup from two sources


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I have a portal set-up using three tables:

Equipment Pack Inventory.


It functions fine. When I enter a Product Code in a new portal row, it looks up the matching code in the Inventory and enters the related information in the Item Description field.


To show the product codes available I have a series of radio buttons in two conditional tables. If I click on the 1st level radio button (a value range from another table) I get a range of radio button choices in the 2nd level that comes from the Inventory. Clicking on any 2nd level button shows me the available codes for that selection in another portal.


What I want to happen is that when I enter a new product code into the PAck Line Items portal, it copies the two radio button values (In the Equipment Pack) into 2 more fields in that line item, thereby capturing the "state" in which the code was derived from. This will allow me to then sort the Line Items by these two categories when I print it out.


So far my attempts have been only partially successful. I can get things to copy over, but the results are not consistent.


Can anyone suggest a method that would achieve my convoluted, vague and complex requirement?


I am developing this cross platform MAC OS and Windows, using Filemaker 9.0 for a client with 9.0 / 8.5 and Filemaker Server 9.0 (sorry, I have not figured out the signature part of a new thread yet)

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