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Call Log database creation - Help!


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Hi all,


Fairly new to database design here, though I've been an end user of Filemaker for quite some time. I've made a few tweaks on databases before, but I'm trying to design some databases from the ground up, & I've run into a bit of a snag.


The goal here for me is to create a database where I can enter my contacts, by client-- and then have a separate table for "calls" where I can log each individual phone call that is made. So far, so good-- I have a little pop-up list of the clients, on my "Call log" page, so that the pertinent contact info for the client pops up, and I can see their contact info right there on the "call log" page.




I'd like to be able to have a layout in which I can toggle through the clients one by one-- and then see, in "list" view, presumably-- the individual calls that are made (fields include "Date" "Time" "Subject" and then a scrolling box with "Call Notes"). This way, I can call up an individual client and see all of the calls that have been made.


I've tried my hand at these list views, and it doesn't seem to work out. Am I not thinking this through correctly? It would seem this is a pretty straightforward database.


I'd like to have one contact per page, with a flexible list of each of the calls made to that contact, with all the details.


I currently have 2 tables: "Contacts" and "Calls" -- they're related simply through the "Client Name" field.


Any guidance would be helpful-- I've taken some guidebooks out of the library, but there are only so many "sample mileage charts" I can do without learning the solution to my problem!





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It appears that your solution is not far away!


Arrange the CONTACTS details on one page and then make a portal for the CALLS. Depending upon your resolution and screen size you can, your portal can summarize the information (small) or contain multiple fields (from the CALL table) and be quite detailed.

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