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Sum (Of Fears?)


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hello people,


I'm trying 2 get an sum out of an portal


when i have the following numbers

(portal named global)






(witch in my book is 1830)


the " sum (Global)" gives me this result : 32094051060

c the pattern (320,940,510,60)


not my idea of sum


any help would be apreaciated


Barry Leunge

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More info please:


a) You are, umm, on a layout somewhere. That layout has a native table occurrence of its own. Named what, exactly? Something other than "global" which is the table occurrence to which your portal leads. The native TO of the layout itself.


b) The field that is being summed up, it has a name, yes? You can't just define a field as Sum(Global::) you have to define it as Sum (Global::SomeFieldName), right? What's the field's name?


c) That calc field, is it defined in the table you identified in a) above, the table that is the native table of your layout, not your portal? That's where it should be.

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