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script or calculation for end of the month count


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I was wondering if there is a script that will input the total monthly count for a particular month only, I want to be able to use it for every month.


What I have now is a total count for the week, which works fine, but the running count continues even after the month ends and I want it to stop at the end of the month and restart the count the next month.


I'm really terrible at scripts and worse with calculations, any help would be fantastic.

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What I have now is just summary field in a table and it is just a running count of the subtotal, I have a running count for each week but I want to be able to restart the count every month so it will reset to zero.


Any help would be fantastic.



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You'll need a calc to evaluate which month the record is from. Then you can summarize based on that:


Year_Month (calculation, text result) = year (date) & " " & month(date)


Having the year in there helps if the found set spans multiple years.


I'm not sure how well combining this will work with breakdowns by Week. The first and last week of most months are going to have partial weeks, probably giving smaller totals than full weeks. You might find yourself adding the last week week from one month to the first week of the next to get a meaningful number.

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