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Value List Based on Contents of Field


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I have a Lead Table with three fields Type, Source and calcTypeSource. Type is based on a predefined value list that contains items such as newspaper, website, search engine. Source is a free-form text field that contains info related to the Type in each record. For example, a record may have Type = search engine and Source = Google.


Now, I have a value list of these items using the third field, calcTypeSource, which is a calculated field joining the other two fields in a string. I use this value list to populate a field in a non-related table, Contacts::Leads


This list is getting rather long. I would like to have two fields in Contacts, one for Type and one for Source. If I select Type=Search Engine, I would like Source to only show me sources that match that type.


Is this doable? Any help is appreciated.


FYI, FMP 9 db running on FMP 9 Server

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