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Well, I have not mastered scripts yet! I am creating a customer database and I have hourly clients and clients under contract. I created a value list, "hourly" and "contract". Here is what I want to do:


If the customer is hourly, do nothing. If the customer is contract, I would like the "contractual obligation" field to appear with the pertinent info. Sounds simple right?


Thanks in advance for your help. SJCOpps!

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"Appear" ? Where? In a custom dialog? Or actually on the layout? I don't see how this is linked to a script unless you want it to show up in a custom dialog.



I guess if you are meaning a custom dialog:



// If client is hourly

IF [ CustomerType = "Hourly" or isEmpty ( CustomerType ) ]

Exit Script []



// Client is Contract otherwise

Show Custom Dialog [ "contractual obligation text bla bla" ; ContractField ]



??? If you just want to show contractual obligation field on the layout if the person is flagged as contract, create a constant calculation field on customer table and set it to "Contract", then create a new relationship from customers to customers with the predicates:


Customer ID = Customer ID

ContractConstant = CustomerType


the relationship will basically look thru to the same customer record you are on, IF the customer is contract type. That way anything you put in the portal (ie the contractual obligation field) will only appear if the current customers type is "Contract".


Hope that makes sense, otherwise you may need to clarify your question.

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